retreat for the skin
facial treatments
Zen Wellness Facial Therapy

75 minutes/$135

Your skin will look its best when both your internal and external being come into balance. This soothing facial experience emphasizes anti-aging techniques with a profoundly calming personal experience. We thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate the skin, gently extract any pore buildup, and follow with a deeply relaxing slow massage of the face neck and stress-sore shoulder muscles. Warm stones are then placed onto special areas of the body and work while hands and feet are massaged for even more personal bliss. For those continuing on to Union Square for shopping or a social event we include a light makeup touchup for a little extra public polish. Well being doesn’t look or feel any better than this!


Triple Potency Skin Rejuvenation Facial

75 minutes/$185

A Beate Comment exclusive, your skin will experience a powerful yet surprisingly relaxing combination of youth restoring treatments in a single session. We begin with thorough microdermabrasion resurfacing of rough, dehydrated tissues, relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a layer of cell-regenerating peptides beneath a moisture-building mask of fine collagen and a deeply relaxing slow massage of the face neck and stress-sore shoulder muscles. Your skin is then bathed in a unique LED light that further stimulates collagen production and improves circulation. What a great way to feel soothed and renewed at the same time.


Spotless Skin Treatment

75 minutes/$145

If skin discoloration is your bothersome concern we have a fabulous solution for it. Our Spotless Treatment reaches down in the deeper layers of skin to address hyperpigmentation where it lies. We combine microdermabrasion and peeling agents to thin the skin while introducing color-bleaching products that lighten darker patches. This is a team effort as hyperpigmentation is stubborn condition that requires the work of both the esthetician and client to keep the treatment working on affected areas of the skin. We’ll recommend a salon treatment schedule and home care program to achieve your clearer complexion goals.


Acne Control Facial

60 minutes/$115

You’re tired of continual breakouts and the drugs you’ve used to hold them back, mostly without success. Or, you feel helpless as your teen faces the pain and humiliation of acne plagued skin. There is a medication-free answer to this! Our Acne Control treatments target the hard, oily blackheads that harbor inflammation-causing bacteria leaving skin with darkened stretched pores and unsightly pimples. By minimizing the presence of pore debris and reducing bacteria with oxygen-inducing products you or your child will rapidly experience an astonishing clear face and greatly enhanced self-esteem. If you’re truly motivated to see an end to a new or chronic acne condition we have the method you need! Your esthetician will recommend the frequency of treatments and home-care program to bring you the results you’ve been hoping for!